jenny odell


"Je bouge donc je suis : bienvenue dans
l'ère de la géographie 2.0
[I move therefore I am: welcome to
the era of geography 2.0]"
June 2014

June 2014

"Stranger Attractions: Infrastructure Made Alien
in the work of Bruno Latour and Jenny Odell"

The Media Res
June 2014

"Using Google Maps to Re-investigate
the Built Environment" [video]
talk at TEDxMarketStreet
May 2014

"An Interview with Artist Jenny Odell"

SPACE Gallery
April 2014

"How San Francisco Sacrificed a Valley
in Yosemite for Water and Power"
April 2014

"Satellite Landscapes' Offer a God's-Eye
View of Our Own Unmaking"
The Creators Project
March 2013

"The Art of Google Maps"
The Economist
March 2014

"19 Mind-Boggling Views of Factories and
Nuclear Plants, Carved From Google Maps"

WIRED Design
March 2014

"Re-Introductions: Two Artists Find New
Uses for Satellite Photos and Old Books
February 2014

Joanne McNeil, "Look Inside: The Unexpected
Uses of Google Street View"

February 2014

"Satellite View: Collected from Space"
January 2014

"Satellite Collections"
LAB Issue #6
December 2013

original cover
San Francisco Magazine
November 2013

"Big Data as an Art Movement"
Tech Page One
October 2013

"Unmanned Photography"
European Photography, no. 93
August 2013

"Silicon Valley Native Turns Google Maps into Art"

The San Francisco Chronicle
August 2013

"137 World Landmarks in One Picture, and
Other Crazy Google Maps Art" (interview)

The Atlantic
July 2013

L'oeil de Links (France- TV program)
June 2013
22:47 here

"Pool Party"
Reader's Digest - print
June 2013

"Orde op Aarde [Order in the World]" - print
Quest Braintainment (Netherlands)
May 2013

"Junk Drawer" (interview)
The New Inquiry
April 2013

"From Here On" catalogue - print
Centre d'Art Santa Mònica
March 2013

(back page feature) - print
ELLE Men (China)

December 2012

review of launch for
I Hate to Part With It

December 13, 2012

"Massive Mosaics Snatched from Google Satellite View"
FastCo Design
November 2012

"StreetView and Beyond:
Google's Influence on Photography"

LightBox (TIME Magazine)
October 24, 2012

High Touch: Tactile Design
and Visual Explorations
(book) - print
order here

"Reimagining Google Maps:
Jenny Odell's Satellite World
LightBox (TIME Magazine)
August 2, 2012

"Search and You Shall Find"
Domus (Italy)
June 1, 2012

"Expresa su arte con Google Satellite" - print
La Reforma (Mexico City)
January 29, 2012

"Interview with Digital Artist Jenny Odell"
High End Heathens
January 21, 2012

"Jenny Odell [interview]"
BreakThru Radio
January 10, 2012

Issue 3 (Hyperlinked)- print
Aint-Bad Magazine
January 2012
order here

"RISE: Jenny Odell [interview]"
Dazed Digital (Dazed & Confused)
December 28, 2011

"Picture of the Day: The People of Google Earth"
The Atlantic
December 11, 2011

"Jenny Odell – All the People on Google Earth"
December 9, 2011

"Jenny Odell [interview]"

Voicer (Chinese)
November 29, 2011

Issue 2 (One if By Wanderlust) - print
November 16, 2011

"Гугл зрения [Google View]"
Esquire (Russian)
November 11, 2011

"Jenny Odell: Google Maps Art"
Fridge (Greek)
November 10, 2011

"Jenny Odell [interview]"
It's Nice That
November 1, 2011

"Photographer Catalogs Our
Urban Landscape Using Google Earth"

The Creators Project
October 11, 2011

"La terre vue sous l’oeil de Jenny Odell,
photographe naturaliste [The Earth Through the Eyes
of Jenny Odell, Nature Photographer]"

Graphisme & Interactivité
October 5, 2011

"Alles eine Frage der Perspektive
[All a Matter of Perspective]" - print
ZeitMagazin, Die Zeit's weekly magazine
August 2011

"Gabz Schön Voll Hier
[Pretty Full Here]"- print

August 2011

"Finding Your Way: Cosmologies of the Self"
Elephant, Issue 7 - print
July 2011

"'Collecting' Swimming Pools
and Stadiums: Art Made from Google Maps"

The NPR Picture Show
July 29, 2011

"Arles à la découverte des images du XXIe siècle
[Arles to Discover the Images of the 21st century]"
- print
Le Soir
July 11, 2011

"Arena League"
ESPN the Magazine photo issue - print
June 13, 2011

"Jenny Odell, Creative Cartorgapher"
SUNfiltered (Sundance Channel)
November 2, 2010

"A Different Google
Maps Arrangement"

October 26, 2010

"The Satellite Collection (2010)"
October 25, 2010

"Zoom Out: Jenny Odell's
Google Satellite View Art"

GOOD blog
October 13, 2010

"Vernissage: 2010 San Francisco
Art Institute MFA Thesis Exhibition"

KQED Gallery Crawl - video interview
(skip to 12:55)
May 2010