jenny odell

Land Marks (2014)

Satellite Landscapes (2014)

Google Drawing Game (2014)

Satellite Collections (2009-2013)

Power Trip (2013)

Pipe Dream (2014)

Where Almost Everything I Used, Wore, Ate or Bought on Monday, April 1, 2013 (That Had a Label) Was Manufactured, to the Best of My Knowledge

Google Floorview (2014)

All the People on Google Earth (2011-2012)

Garbage Selfie (2014)

People Younger Than Me Explaining How to Do Things (2013)

Travel by Approximation: A Virtual Road Trip (2009-2010)

I Hate to Part With It: Craigslist Farewells (2012) Reenactments (2011) The Popular Images (2012)