jenny odell

Land Marks (2014)

Satellite Landscapes (2014)

Satellite Collections (2009-2013)

Where Almost Everything I Used, Wore, Ate or Bought on Monday, April 1, 2013 (That Had a Label) Was Manufactured, to the Best of My Knowledge Power Trip (2013)

Pipe Dream (2014)

Google Drawing Game (2014)

Temporal Portraits of People on Streetview (2014)

Google Floorview (2014)

All the People on Google Earth (2011-2012)

Garbage Selfie (2014)

People Younger Than Me Explaining How to Do Things (2013)

Travel by Approximation: A Virtual Road Trip (2009-2010)

I Hate to Part With It: Craigslist Farewells (2012) Reenactments (2011)
The Popular Images (2012)