jenny odell

The Bureau of Suspended Objects
archiving objects passing through the San Francisco dump

Satellite Landscapes
infrastructural elements cut out from Google Satellite
Satellite Landscapes book
photos, cutouts, diagrams, emails, text, screen shots, and one picture of me when I was 8

Where Almost Everything I Used, Wore, Ate or Bought on Monday, April 1, 2013 (That Had a Label) Was Manufactured, to the Best of My Knowledge

satellite imagery of coal repositories for 240 power plants

Land Marks
the Athabasca Oil Sands, Nevada Test Site, Colorado fracking patterns, and the Hanford nuclear cleanup site extracted from satellite imagery
Power Trip
tracing the hydroelectric power used for municipal buildings and transportation in San Francisco to its source in Yosemite
Satellite Collections
manmade elements collected from Google Satellite

Travel by Approximation: A Virtual Road Trip
a cross-country trip made by way of StreetView, YouTube, TripAdvisor, Yelp reviews and more
Pipe Dream
tracing the Portland-Montreal underground oil pipeline on GSV
Peripheral Landscapes
gods, people, and flora/fauna from the margins of very old maps
a collection of moments from makeup tutorials
People Younger Than Me Explaining How to Do Things
kids and teenagers setting us straight
Temporal Portraits of People on Streetview
following people stuck walking forever in StreetView limbo
All the People on Google Earth
crowds extracted from Google Earth
Google Floorview
candid portraits of Google camera tripod legs

Natural History
de-naturalizing the Facebook interface

I Hate to Part With It: Craigslist Farewells
orphaned objects and animals and the photos taken to get rid of them
Garbage Selfie
a self portrait made from three weeks of my own trash

Google Drawing Game
an ongoing collaboration with reverse Google Image search

partially successful attempts to reenact moments on Google StreetView
The Popular Images
collages made from the top 10 autosuggestions for each letter on Google Image search