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63 Trump Mouths

...63 percent of the 91 Trump statements that the WaPo's Fact Checker has checked were given a Four Pinocchio rating - meaning they were/are totally false. (A typical candidate gets Four Pinocchios somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the time; 14.2 percent of Clinton's claims have been given Four Pinocchios.)
- Chris Cillizza, "How the heck can voters think Donald Trump is more honest than Hillary Clinton?"

fuck Trump! have a poster

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Trump Paint

He looks quite charming, if you ask me! Now, promise not to use this image anywhere else, as it would be unseemly and unmannerly.
- Rob Beschizza, "Trump is angry at NBC News for using this photo of him, so please don't use this enhanced, enlarged version of it for anything"

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buttons 'n stickers
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