Natural History

... the more intuitive a device becomes, the more it risks falling out of media altogether, becoming as naturalized as air or as common as dirt.
– Alexander Galloway, The Interface Effect

a screen shot of the Facebook field that asks, What's On Your Mind? embedded in a hilly landscape

In this series, I placed elements of the Facebook interface (circa 2015) into my own photographs of landscapes I was familiar with the time, in an effort to visualize both the intrusiveness of the platform and the psychological mixing together of contexts. These were exhibited as prints at the Richmond Art Center.

a screen shot of trending topics on Facebook embedded in a grassy landscape screen shots of Facebook ads embedded in foliage screen shot of Facebook prompt to add your family to your profile, embedded in foliage Facebook button to update cover photo, out of focus in the background of some flowers screen shot of list of Facebook apps placed into a set of rolling hills