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Neo-Surreal is a collection of work that extracts intentionally and unintentionally surreal imagery from 1980s BYTE magazine ads. The reconfiguration of this material highlights the ways in which such imagery, viewed in hindsight, inadvertently portrays some of the stranger and more sinister aspects that technology eventually came to embody. For instance, one finds things like a computer wearing a policeman's hat and wielding a riding crop (evoking surveillance) or a pill opening to reveal a computer chip (evoking biometrics). Similarly to Richard Prince in his Cowboys series, I've done nothing here except to remove the text, restore some backgrounds, and re-title the images. I completed this work while in residence at the Internet Archive.

I also collaborated with Colpa Press to produce a full-bleed zine of selected BYTE ads, available through Printed Matter.

You Are Under Arrest

Home Alone


Greener Pastures

I'm Losing

Soft Computing

Just Hook it to My Veins

After Hours

A Private Moment with DOS and UNIX

Join Us


Both Ways Up

How Did We Get Here

Floppies for Dinner

Sound Bite

Don't Press the Button

You Will Be Assimilated

Yesterday and Today

Working From Space

Stuck in My Head


The Wizard

A Printer is Born

The Documents

Apple Powered

Calling No One


Think Like a Computer


Shoot Your Computer

Don't Sleep

The Orb of Ambivalence
digital print

This print collects people from 1980s-era computer ads and catalog images. In the original image from which each person was taken, he or she was touching a computer, keyboard, or mouse.

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